Longtime Volunteer Needs Your Help

Natalie Macdonald has been one of our most valued long time Bel-Air Volunteers. She has given countless hours devoted to the youth and parents alike of the Bel-Air organization.

You will see her amazing smiling face, pleasant manner and very welcoming demeanor around the practice and game fields volunteering for whatever is needed to ensure a positive experience for all of the Bel-Air players and their families. Her presence on and off the field certainly lights up the organization, and we are very fortunate that she is a part of the Bel-Air Lions family.

Recently and suddenly Natalie was diagnosed with a brain tumor affecting her speech. The tumor must be surgically removed and this procedure will take place in the upcoming weeks. Recovery time for this type of procedure could take up to a year or longer. The Bel-Air family would like to give her our full support and help her during her time in need.

Friends and Family of Natalie Macdonald have spearheaded a campaign to raise funds to help her and her family while she strongly faces these upcoming challenges and are hoping to help ease some of her concerns with the financial woes that will impact her and her family. We are asking for your support in showing Natalie that we are behind her and will do whatever is needed to help her as she has so generously helped us.

Please visit : "http://www.youcaring.com/family-fundraiser/help-natalie-macdonald-beat-this-brain-tumour-/329351#.VRk89N9rZMQ.facebook